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The Flying Pigs (in Romanian Porci zburători) Collection is a form of protest art against anything that is tantamount to discouragement, disregard and assassination in the bud of hopes and barefaced spirit. Since I never let myself intimidated by remarks such as “When pigs fly”, I felt like materialising this protest around a symbol that steals smiles and to which the world reacts instinctively.

The winged (flying) piggy, the core element of the collection, is meant to be my message to all those flying to judge and reject: Hey, look, the pigs are really flying!

Proof and witness thereto shall stand these jewels, amid hurried loops, plunging necklines, fast-moving, fretting fingers, or mellow and prudent wrists. An expression of the impossible made possible by work, from thought working to hand and metal working.

The phrase “When pigs fly” seemed to be the favourite remark of Aurel Vlaicu’s father… Whenever his son’s eyes were shining when saying “I will fly!”, he used to reply with a crushing confidence – “Hey, you, Aurel, you will fly when our barnyard pig will fly”. Aurel looked away, believed, flew, and this is what my jewelry, in point of concept and message, urges anyone driven by this key element – being confident that it is possible, despite … anything.


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