Terms & Conditions

Any activity undertaken within this website, from simply visiting to registering and placing orders for Bizar Concept products, implies acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth below.

1. Definitions and terms used

Bizar Concept

Seller is SC BIZAR CONCEPT & DESIGN SRL, Trade Register No. J40/5974/2017, hereinafter referred to under the simple name of Bizar Concept.

Buyer is any person, physical or legal, or any legal entity that creates an Account on the Website and then places an Order.

Customer is any person, physical or legal, who has access to the Website Content, either through a use agreement concluded with Bizar Concept, or by any other means of communication – electronic, telephone, etc. – made available by Bizar Concept, and requires the creation and use of an Account.

User is any person, physical or legal, who has registered on the Website and who, after creating the Account, has given his/her consent, by decision to continue to use the Website, to all the terms expressed in the Terms and Conditions section.

Website is the Bizar Concept domain and all of its sub domains.

Account is that section of the Website where, by entering an email address and a password, the Buyer may place an Order and where are stored, as a rule, information specific to the Customer or Buyer who logged in with this data, i.e. the Buyer’s history on this Website, from orders and invoices to warranty details.

Nickname is that pseudonym through which a User, Customer or Buyer may post content on the Website, associated with website information of a User, Customer, or Buyer under the “User Name”.

Order is an electronic document issued within the Website and serves as a form of communication between the Buyer and the Seller, through which the latter is notified of the Buyer’s intention to purchase Goods from the Website.

Goods are all products mentioned in the Order and which the Seller, following the Agreement concluded with Buyer, is to provide to the latter.

Agreement is a form of contract concluded between the Seller and the Buyer, remotely, without the simultaneous physical presence of the two parties involved.

Campaign is the action by which, for commercial purposes, a certain number of Goods with limited, predefined stock is displayed, Goods made available by the Seller for a limited period of time of its choice.

Content consists of any kind of information:
– Displayed on the Website and available for visiting, viewing or accessing by using electronic equipment;
– Included in any email sent by the Seller to Buyers, either by electronic means or by other available means of communication;
– Communicated to the Buyer by any employee or collaborator of the Seller, according to the agreement details specified or not by the Seller;
– Pertaining to the Goods or fees used by the Seller within a certain timeframe;
– Pertaining to the Goods or fees used by a third party with whom the Seller has entered into certain partnership agreements for a certain period of time;
– Referring to the Seller, and other privileged data.

Document is this page containing the Terms and Conditions.

Newsletter is a periodical means of information, exclusively in electronic form or by email (email or SMS), which conveys information about the Goods and / or promotions that the Seller makes available in a given period and which does not include any commitment of the Seller regarding the information provided by the Seller.

Transaction is the collection or refund of a certain amount of money resulting from the sale of a Goods to the Buyer by Bizar Concept as a result of the use of the card processor services agreed by the Seller, whatever the delivery method.

Specifications are all the specifications or descriptions of the Goods as they appear in their description.

Art. 2 Contractual documents

2.1. Registering an order within the Website represents the Buyer’s tacit consent to the form of communication, by telephone or by email, which the Seller will use to carry out its commercial operations.
2.2. Notification that the Buyer will receive after placement of the Order does not in any way represent the acceptance of the Order, having only an informative role, and will be made either electronically, by email or by telephone.
2.3. The Seller reserves the right, in justified circumstances, to change the quantity of the Goods in the Order by informing the Buyer prior to these changes, to the email address or to the telephone number provided at the time of the Order, as well as the amount paid to be returned according to the changes.
2.4. The Agreement will be deemed concluded between the Buyer and the Seller when the Buyer receives from the Seller, either by SMS or by email, an Order Shipment Notice.
2.5. The Document and all the information made available by the Seller on the Website form the basis of the Contract, supplemented by the Warranty Certificate related to the Goods Ordered, issued by the Seller or its supplier.

3. Online sales policy

3.1. Any Customer or Buyer has access to placing an Order within the Website. However, the Bizar Concept reserves the right to restrict, for justified reasons, the access of certain Customers or Buyers to the placing of an Order and / or to the use of certain accepted payment methods, if it deems that, according to the Customer’s or Buyer’s conduct on the Website, its actions may harm the Seller in any way. In any such situation, the Customer or Buyer may address the Bizar Concept staff requesting information about the reasons for which the above-mentioned measures have been applied.
3.2. Customer or Buyer’s communication with the Seller will take place either through direct interaction with the Seller or through the addresses stated in the “Contact” section of the Website. Seller reserves the right to manage the information received on these ways without the obligation to provide any justification.
3.3. In the event of an unusually high traffic volume from a particular internet network, Bizar Concept may require the Customer or Buyer to manually enter captcha validation codes to protect the information displayed on the Website.
3.4. Bizar Concept may publish various information on the Website about certain available goods or promotions used by itself or a third-party partner with whom Bizar Concept has a concluded a partnership agreement, goods or promotions available within the stock limit, for a limited period of time.
3.5. The prices associated with the Goods presented on the Webite are all expressed in RON and include VAT, and the Bizar Concept reserves the right to change these rates at any time without the obligation of any notice.
3.6. Neither of the information used on the Website for the description of the Goods, whether static or dynamic, multimedia presentations, or any other kind of information, is not a contractual obligation of the Seller, their role being exclusively for presentation. Moreover, no Content that the Seller provides to Customer or Buyer, regardless of the means of communication used – telephone, electronic, etc. – or obtained by the Customer / Buyer by accessing, visiting or viewing the Website, does not represent a contractual obligation of Bizar Concept or Bizar Concept employee / representative that facilitated the transfer of that Content, if any, to that content.

4. Assigning and subcontracting

The Seller has the right to assign or subcontract to a third party certain Services that relate to the delivery of the Order placed, informing the Buyer thereof, but without the obligation to obtain his/her consent. The Seller will always be responsible for all the contractual obligations assumed against the Buyer.

5. Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

5.1. The content of the Website, as defined at the beginning of these Terms and Conditions, including but not limited to logos, commercial symbols, stylized representations, dynamic or static images, text or multimedia content, is the exclusive property of Bizar Concept, which has all the rights obtained in this respect, both directly and indirectly from the use or publication licenses.
5.2. Customer or Buyer is entitled to copy, transfer or use the Content solely for personal or non-commercial purposes and only if it will not conflict with the provisions of this Document. The Customer or Buyer may not copy, distribute, publish or transfer to third parties but neither modify nor alter, use, connect, expose, or otherwise include the Content in any context other than the one intended by Bizar Concept, and the inclusion of any type of Content outside the Website, as well as the removal of the trademark certifying Bizar Concept copyright over the Content and, last but not least, the participation in the transfer, sale or distribution of materials resulting from the reproduction, modification or display of the Content without the written and explicit consent of Bizar Concept are strictly forbidden.
5.3. Any Content that the Customer or the Buyer has or is granted access to, regardless of the means of obtaining it, is within the scope of the Document as long as the Content is not accompanied by a valid and specific use agreement between the Customer or the Buyer and Bizar Concept, without any warranty either express or implied by Bizar Concept regarding that Content.
5.4. Any use of the Content for purposes other than those expressly permitted by this Document or the use consent accompanying that content is strictly prohibited.

6. Order

6.1. The Customer or Buyer may place Orders on the Website by adding the Goods they are interested of in the Shopping Cart and finalizing the Order by providing payment and delivery methods. After adding a Good to your shopping cart, it will be available for purchase to the extent available, if there is a stock available for it, and simply adding a Good to your shopping cart, not accompanied by the completion of the Order, will not trigger the actual registration of the order, nor the automatic reservation of the desired good.
6.2. Completion of the Purchase Order is the tacit consent of the Buyer that all the data requested and provided in the purchase process are accurate, complete and true at the time of placing that Order.
6.3. Completion of the Purchase Order by the Buyer represents as well the tacit consent of the Buyer to be contacted by Seller by any means available or agreed by the Seller in any case where the latter deems it necessary to contact the Buyer.
6.4. Seller reserves the right to cancel an Order placed by the Buyer after the prior notice sent to the latter without either party having any subsequent obligation to the other and without either party claiming other damages, in the event that:
6.4.1. Customer or Buyer provided incomplete and / or inaccurate data on the Website;
6.4.2. Due to some malfunctions or errors in the Website, the price displayed on the Website for the Goods ordered is not the real one, a case in which Bizar Concept will inform the Buyer of the correct price.
6.5. The Buyer may withdraw from the Agreement by choosing to return a Good within 14 calendar days without having to invoke any reason or incur any cost other than the delivery. According to the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 34/2014, the return period of a Good expires within 14 days of:
– the date when the Buyer came into the physical possession of the last Good in the order, if he/she ordered several products within the same order that were or will be delivered separately;
– the date when the Buyer came into the physical possession of the last Good or the last piece, where the delivery includes a product of several batches or different parts.
6.6. In case the Buyer chooses to withdraw from the Agreement, the Good will be returned only after he/she has sent a written request to the address info@bizarconcept.ro and after being contacted by phone to determine the conditions in which the product will be returned. The return will take place by shipment to Bucharest, Bucharest, District 2, Strada Neagota, nr. 40, postal code 023862.
The Buyer has the obligation to return the Good in perfect condition, in the original box in which it was delivered, accompanied by the warranty certificate, and in a package corresponding to the shipment, otherwise the return of the order will be refused. The return will not be accepted for used products, with signs of wear or scratches, damaged, incomplete – with missing accessories – or without the original intact labels. The return will be achieved exclusively by a courier company, not via the Romanian Post Office, and the courier return fee will be borne by the Buyer.
6.7. Returning products is only allowed to individuals and if the Customer or the Buyer requests withdrawal from the Agreement in the legal terms of withdrawal stipulated in the Agreement, he/she will also have to return any possible gifts that could have accompanied the returned product. If the Order is paid, the Seller undertakes to reimburse the amount within 14 (fourteen) days from the date on which it was informed by the Buyer of the withdrawal from the Agreement. The amount will be returned by bank transfer.
6.8. Seller may decide to postpone the reimbursement of the amount until it receives the Goods sold.

7. Invoicing – Payment

7.1. Prices of all Goods, as displayed on the website www.bizarconcept.ro, include all tax charges under the current law.
7.2. Both the price and the method of payment or the payment term are included in each Order, the Seller has the obligation to issue to the Buyer the invoice for the Goods delivered and the Buyer has the obligation to provide all the necessary information for issuing the invoice, according to the current legislation.
7.3. Seller will provide the Buyer with the Order invoice for the Goods sold by Bizar Concept and any other payments related to that Order, exclusively in electronic format, either by adding it to the Buyer’s Account or by electronic mail at the email address provided by the Buyer in the Account details.
7.4. The obligation to update, as many times as necessary, the data in the Account required for the Order to be delivered correctly and in due time, lies with the Buyer, who also has the obligation to access and verify all information and/or documents which accompany each order and become available in his/her Account.
7.5. Order submission represents the Buyer’s tacit consent to receive invoices in this electronic format, by Bizar Concept adding them to his/her Account, or by email, to the email address provided in the Account.
7.6. To ensure the security of the Transactions, the Customer, User or Buyer are advised not to activate the automatic login option on mobile devices nor to remain logged in to the Website after leaving the Website. The password chosen for account access is recommended to have an increased strength (minimum 8 characters in lower case letters, uppers case letters, special characters and digits) and its disclosure is not allowed.

8. Products displayed and delivery of Goods

8.1. The prices for the products displayed on the Website are expressed in RON and include VAT. The final price, which includes, besides the price of the Good, the price of the shipment, will change if the delivery address is in a town outside the coverage area of the courier network. At the same time, the prices on the Website may change at any time, without prior notice, even if it is concluded that, due to an unforeseen system error, the price displayed on the Website was incorrect, in which context the Buyer will be notified either by phone or by email.
8.2. The Seller has the obligation to deliver the Goods ordered by the Buyer to the latter in a door-to-door courier system.
8.3. The Seller has the obligation to properly pack the Goods to be delivered by the courier company and to ensure that the accompanying documents will also be shipped together with the parcel.

9. Warranty

9.1. All Goods sold through the Website www.bizarconcept.ro benefit from a warranty in compliance with the legislation in force and with the commercial policies of the manufacturers, the products being new, from authorized sources, and delivered in original packaging.
9.2. In case of a warranty claim, the product must be submitted in its original packaging, together with all the documents accompanying it, the warranty certificate and a copy of the tax invoice, the warranty is granted for deficiencies that cannot be attributable to the Buyer and exclusively under the condition of complying with the maintenance and use recommendations.
9.3. The cost of shipping the Goods to be returned to Bizar Concept for the purpose of resolving warranty issues will be borne by the Buyer, who can use any of the required transportation services, except for the Romanian Post, as long as it can provide an acknowledgement of receipt.
9.4. The shipping cost of the Good under warranty, from the Bizar Concept to the Buyer, will be borne by the Seller.

10. Liability

10.1. The Seller cannot be held responsible for any damages suffered by the Buyer or any third party as a result of the Seller’s fulfillment of any of its obligations under the Order nor for any damages that may result from use of the Goods after delivery, especially in the event of their loss.
10.2. The act of creating and using the Account by the Customer, the User or the Buyer is the tacit consent of the Customer to take responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of account login data (username and password) and Account access management, and he/she is responsible, to the extent established and permitted by the current legislation, for the entire activity carried out through his/her Account.
10.3. The act of creating the Account and/or of using the respective Content for placing an Order represents the tacit consent of the Customer, the User or the Buyer of express, unequivocal acceptance of all the Terms and Conditions of this Website, according to the latest updated version and communicated within the Website, existing at the date when the Account was created and/or the Content was used and/or the Order was placed.
10.4. Bizar Concept reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions of the Website at any time, incumbent against Customers, Users or Buyers from the date they are displayed on the Website. The Terms and Conditions of the Website are deemed accepted by sending an Order or the simple tick of the appropriate check box on the Website.

11. Confidentiality

11.1. According to Law 677/2001 regarding the protection of personal data and their free circulation, the personal data of the Customer, the User or the Buyer are protected.
11.2. These data will only be used to ensure effective communication between the Seller and Customer, User or Buyer.
11.3. The only exception is the relationship with the public carrier who will receive, at the time of placing the transport order, the necessary data for the delivery of the goods at the location stated by the Buyer.
11.4. In order to provide complex, top quality services, the Seller needs to keep evidence of some of these personal data provided by the Customer, the User or the Buyer. Whatever they are – phone number, address, billing data, etc. – they will be considered personal and confidential data, therefore protected against abuse.
11.5. In some cases, certain personal data must be stored for accounting and bookkeeping and archiving tax receipts purposes.
11.6. Use of this Website represents the tacit consent of the User, the Customer or the Buyer to the Seller’s policy of storing personal information and regarding the orders placed by the Buyer, which will be archieved in accordance with the policy described herein.
11.7. Registration on this Website or subscription to receive news also represents the tacit consent of the User, Customer or Buyer to the Seller’s policy to contact Users, Customers or Buyers, by telephone or email, to communicate the Bizar Concept, with the possibility to unsubscribe at any time.
11.8. For the provision of personal, confidential information, the User, Customer, or Buyer are advised to use exclusively protected websites, the monitoring and abuse of such information through the public data network and the use of the Internet without protection does not guarantee the protection of personal data.
11.9. The Seller reserves the right, even by means of all the insurance and technical protection techniques implemented, to withdraw from ensuring the security of such data in the event of a server attack by a hacker.
11.10. All information provided by the Buyer or Customer to the Seller, regardless of their nature, remains the property of the Seller.
11.12. Buyer or Customer are prohibited from making use of any kind of public statement, press release, form of promotion or any other means of disclosing to third parties the information relating to the Order or the Agreement without the prior written consent of the Seller.
11.13. Sending information or materials through the Website represents the unrestricted and irrevocable access of the Seller to these and the Seller’s right to use or reproduce, display or modify, transmit or distribute such information or materials. You also agree that the Seller may freely use, for its own benefit, all these concepts, ideas or know-how and techniques transmitted through the Website. The Website will not be subject to obligations regarding the confidentiality of the submitted information, as long as the current legislation does not provide further specification in this respect.

12. Force majeure

12.1. None of the parties involved will be held liable for the non-compliance with the relevant contractual obligations if such non-fulfillment or non-performance, in due time or properly, totally or partially, is caused by the occurrence of a force majeure event. Force majeure is that unpredictable event, totally out of control of the parties involved, which cannot be avoided.
12.2. In the event that, within 15 (fifteen) days of the date on which that force majeure event occurred, its effects shall not cease, each party shall have the right to notify the other party concerned of the termination of the Agreement and none of the parties shall claim damages against the other party.

13. Applicable law – Jurisdiction

The Agreement is subject to Romanian law, and any disputes that may arise between Bizar Concept and the Customer or Buyer will be resolved amicably. In the event that amicable settlement is not possible, disputes will be settled by the competent Romanian courts, in the city where the Seller operates.

14. Final provisions

The parties involved in the Agreement are considered independent contractors and have neither the right nor the authority to assume or create any obligation at the expense of the other. These Terms and Conditions of this Agreement supersede any prior, written or verbal agreement between the Parties regarding the subject of this Agreement and may not be altered or changed during the course of an Order.

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