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Our story

Born out of passion and capable, in turn, to stir up passions, the Bizar Concept story has been and is a continuous search for meaning. Simona, the artisan of this personality jewelry, has always been concerned about giving meaning to her work. And after long creative experiences, she stopped on contemporary jewelry, choosing to get around people who appreciate this immense work behind the object and who consciously look for this type of art.

Nature is the source of every story materialized in metal, in the Bizar Concept workshop, because there is no any more natural match between the organic forms of nature and the molten metal volubility. By rejecting the patterns, symmetry and stereotypes, each jewel takes a unique shape, just like its wearer.
Although the manufacture of jewels seems to be a rough work, of cutting, melting, casting, soldering and many other mechanical activities, this process appears only — at the end.

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Handcrafted with love in Romania

Our skills

We have many undiscovered talents . So we invite you to look with a critical eye on everything we do.

We don’t know if what we do is perfect … because we didn’t propose that. But we like to think that our work brings joy and even a smile in all the every day rush.

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