How we work

Inspiered by nature

Music for the soul

As strange as it may seem, the Bizar Concept jewelry are all handmade and inspired by nature. From the concept and the paper design, to its transposition to the work material and to the actual shaping, it may take days of work. The patterns thus obtained are unique, they benefit from the quality guarantee and can then be reproduced on demand in limited edition, with small adjustments required by the exact measure requested by the buyer.
Even so, there will definitely be differences from one product to another, differences due to the inherent features of the base material. This is because the process is not only organic, but natural, including the materials used and the way they were processed.


Jewelry from fairy tales

Simona, the craftsman behind these jewels, is very much attached to the ethics of creating environmentally friendly jewelry, especially in the context in which, globally, this industry degenerates a lot, choosing chemical and invasive extraction and processing procedures. The way in which the Bizar Concept jewelry is intended to be different from the beginning to the end, all are manufactured from recycled materials or, at most, purchased from companies with certificates of conformity.
They are proof of an ethical business philosophy, i.e. they recycle metals in turn. And the precious and semi-precious stones they sell are extracted from verified mines, in which there is no risk of exploiting people, as it tragically happens in many underdeveloped countries …
With clean consciousness and equally clean materials, the making of these jewels becomes a sinuous process that brings fulfilling to both the craftsman and those who wear. Our customers are perfectly aware that when they wear our jewels, they become part of the story that we have tried to transpose through our entire work.
That is why we can say that Bizar Concept jewels are storybook jewelry, that have a past and a future. To whom they will make their life more beautiful, let’s discover together…


Beautyful Things

  • Love

    If you love our creations just weare them.

  • Fire

    It is ok to touch the fire.

  • Desire

    The desire is in the human nature. Say ``yes`` to desire.

“Love, fire & desire.”