Size Guide

Ring size

The size of a ring is given by the inner diameter of the ring or the equivalent in the circumference of the finger. Values may vary, on average, between 15.3 mm (inner diameter) or size 48 (finger circumference equivalent) and 19.1 mm or size 60.

The most effective way of finding the exact size of the ring is to use another ring you already have and measure the inner diameter of the ring. Be careful not to include in the ring walls in the measurements, just the space between them!

Alternatively, you can try to measure directly the circumference of your finger using a ribbon or wire:

  • This should be at least 10 cm long.
  • After rolling it around the base of the finger on which you wear the ring, mark with the pen on the ribbon the area where the circle closes.
  • Take care to leave a small spare space, that allows you to pass the ribbon through the wider area of your finger joint.
  • Then stretch the ribbon on a ruler and measure its length to the mark of the pen.
  • Finally, compare the value obtained with your finger’s equivalent diameter:
    Important: if you measure directly the circumference of your finger, do this at the end of the day when your fingers are a little swollen due to the daytime effort!           The size of the bracelet           The size of a bracelet is given by its length, which can vary, on average, between 16 and 23 centimeters.To find out which size suits you, you need to decide first if you want to put your bracelet directly on your wrist, using the closing mechanism, or if you prefer to roll it on your hand without opening it.

    • For the bracelets you want to put directly on your wrist, measure your wrist and add 2 cm to the number you get. If your wrist appears to be between the measures, you will need to round, plus or minus, according to your preference – if you want it to be loosen or fixed.
    • For the bracelets you want to roll, place your palm in the same position where you roll the jewelry and measure the wider area of your hand, as tight as you can.
      Moreover, if you already have a bracelet the size of which it looks perfect, it is enough to measure it from one end to the other, including the closing mechanism.But keep in mind the following:


    • The new bracelet, not worn yet, might seem a little fixed at the begining.
    • With time, depending on how often you wear it, it will become loosened.
    • In the first year, depending on the material and the degree of use, it can stretch up to 1 cm.
    • In the case of lighter models, if it feels uncomfortable, you can reduce the discomfort by adding one or more pendants / charms.

    Size of the chain or necklace          

    As with the bracelets, the size of a necklace or chain is given by its length. The most common measures are: 42, 45, 50, 60, 75, 80, 90 or 100 cm respectively. To get a clearer picture of how to place a chain on the body according to these sizes, check the picture below: