Guarantee of jewelry quality
All Bizar Concept products are accompanied by a Quality Certificate that certifies their properties: alloy fineness, grams, stone, stone carats, etc.
Bizar Concept products are handcrafted using traditional craftsmanship. Made of 80% recycled metals and natural stones, these jewelries can have different texture and color peculiarities. Irrespective of irregularities, small metal color differences or other peculiarities, cannot be considered defects but, on the contrary, must be regarded as distinctive signs of the products. Is this exactly these natural features that ensure identity and enhance the value of each handmade Bizar Concept jewelry.
Through the Quality Certificate, Bizar Concept certifies both the quality of the product supplied and that it complies with the international standards that define the jewelry class to which it belongs. Last but not least, this certificate guarantees the manufacture of precious metal jewelry that will not change its properties for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase, provided that the jewelry has been used and maintained properly.
In the case of jewelry with precious stones, if one or more precious stones are detached or dropped, they will be replaced within a reasonable time by the manufacturer if the damage to the jewelry is not attributable to the buyer.
The Bizar Concept Jewelry Guarantee becomes null in case of damage caused by accidents, negligence or inappropriate behavior, failure to observe the terms of use from the warranty certificate, and any other factors independent of the material or workmanship defects.
Products with defects under warranty will be, according to the Government Ordinance no. 21/1992, either repaired free of charge or replaced, if it is confirmed that the damage claimed was caused by a workmanship defect. Even with the replacement of the product, however, we cannot be guaranteed the delivery of an identical model, but only a similar product and, of course, with an equivalent value.
Warranty Certificate
This warranty certificate is issued by BIZAR CONCEPT & DESIGN SRL, Trade Register No. J40 / 5974/2017, and certifies that BIZAR CONCEPT products – rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants – are handmade, complying with quality parameters and requirements imposed by the legal norms in force.
The warranty period is 30 days from the date of purchase of the product, the product can only be changed if it has not been worn in the meantime. Consumer rights, in accordance with the Government Ordinance no. 21/1992 republished and Law 449/2003, are not affected by the warranty terms set forth in this Warranty Certificate.
With this certificate, we guarantee that all the BIZAR CONCEPT brand jewelry are marked by the National Authority for Consumers Protection – Department for Precious Metals and Precious Stones.
Recommendations for storage, wearing and maintenance
For proper maintenance and to enjoy the BIZAR CONCEPT jewelry as long as possible, we recommend:
To store the jewelry in the cases you purchased or in special jewelry cases.
To always wipe the jewels with a soft, clean cloth after wearing them, before storing them in their case.
To handle and wear carefully any jewelry inlaid with stones or pearls, their mount being quite vulnerable to mechanical shocks.
Not to wear jewelry during housework, harsh, or any other activity through which they can come in contact with sulfur-based substances.
Not to wear jewelry when doing sports or any physical activity.
Not to wear jewelry during shower, at the pool, or sea to avoid losing the metal gloss in contact with hard water.
To avoid jewelry contact with any chemicals, perfumes or skin creams, hair sprays, chlorine or sulfur-based products, to protect them from the risk of metal erosion, or loss of gloss and color deterioration.
Keep in mind that the degree of dulling of the jewelry may vary from one wearer to another, depending on the skin, but also on the skin care routine adopted.
Depending on the degree of use, jewelry must be examined and cleaned by a jeweler, at least once a year!